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About Us 

Tantika Imports, Inc.
dba; Vintner Imports

Tantika Imports Inc., was established in 1990 by President/Founder, Kul Vaid. Prior to the birth of Tantika Imports, Kul worked in the wine industry under Jacob Gerhardt Wines Ltd, located in London, England starting in 1977 and soon after re-located to the US in 1983. 


Tantika Imports Inc., is a foreign importer/distributor in the state of Illinois, and carries a fine selection of European and Californian wine. Currently, we carry approximately 50 labels from 14 grape varietals from all over Europe and California. Tantika Imports, has imported wine from the Gerhardt family for the past 23 years. For more information about our wine selection, feel free to browse this website and contact us with any questions.


Rare Wines





Weingut Ernst Bretz- Rheinhessen

Gerhardt Family

~Celebrating 325 Years~

The E. Maria Gerhardt Family has been in business for 11 generations since 1684 in Bornheim, Rheinhessen. Just like their ancestors, this family has a strong feeling of how to handle wine, a fantastic gift from nature.


Their goal is to provide us with other choices besides their own varieties, therefore they also offer wines exclusively from other selected vineyards and producers in Rheinhessen. This family owns 17 hectares on wine mountains in premier locations in Bornheim and nearby localities. For more information regarding Weingut Koehler-Weidmann click here.


Wine regions





Weingut Josef Reuscher Erben- Mosel

“If we sip the wine, we find dreams coming upon us out of the imminent night.” -D.H. Lawrence


All the wines we carry are single grape wines of high quality. Our rare wines include Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese and Eiswein. This selection, along with many of our others, pose to be favorites among many wine lovers.  


For the past 23 years, Tantika Imports has and will continue to provide such classic wines to our customers and offer a quality incomparable to others.


Currently, Tantika Imports specializes in fine quality German wines from regions such as Mosel, Rheinhessen, Rheingau and Pfalz. We also carry a great selection of German red wines derived from such grapes as the Dornfelder grape, Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) grape, Acolon grape and Regent grape. 


Other regions of imported fine wine include areas from Hungary and Spain.


Our selection of Californa wines include Lodi and Modesto, CA.


All imports are from small family wineries dedicated to quality and character.


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