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The Wines "Birth Certificate"...

Just like you can't judge a book by it's cover... the same goes for wine! Learning to read a wine label makes for great conversation, and here you'll find what all those names and numbers mean... remember, "eye-catching" labels/bottles don't always reflect the quality of the wine inside... 


1) The name and address of the wine estate (Weingut)

2) The vintage*/year in which the grapes were harvested.

3) The grape variety*

4) The quality level of the wine, indicating the ripeness of the grapes at harvest.

5) The style of wine. Here, an off-dry (half-trocken) wine.

6) The town (+er) and the vineyard* from which the grapes originate.

7) The specified region -in Germany, there are 13 specified wine-growing regions and the wine must originate 100% from that region.

8) Wine bottled and produced by the grower or cooperative of growers. Erzeugerabfullung- producer-bottled Gutsabfullung- estate-bottled.

9) The quality control number, indicating the wine has passed the chemical and sensory tests required of all German quality wines.

10) The alcohol content.

11) The liquid content.

*Note: If a vintage, vineyard site or grape variety (optional declarations) are mentioned on a label, at least 85% of the wine must originate from that vintage, vineyard site or grape variety.




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