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Selection of German White wines...

Regions include: Rhienhessen, Mosel, Rheingau, Pfalz, and Nahe

Qualitätswein b.A. (QbA)

The quality wines from one of the 13 specified German win-growing regions are made from riper grapes and subject to higher standards.


Elegant wines made from fully ripened grapes. Generally, the lightest of the Prädikatwines. Excellet with or without meals.


Literally, late harvest. Made from very ripe grapes, these wines are deeper in aroma and flavor, and fuller-bodied than Kabinett wines. These wines go well with richer more flavorful foods, or just to lounge.


Noble wines, intense in bouquet and taste. Auslese wines are made from even riper grapes and are selected in bunches.


Germany is a colorful and expressive language, yet the German word for sparkling wine, Sekt- is pronounced "zeckt." It series from the Spanish  vino seco, meaning dry wine. It entered the German language as deck via England (where it was called sack) during the 17th century. 

Sparkling and still wines are products of the grape and a second fermentation gives a still wine its sparkle.

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